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About Australian Rescue Professionals

Australian Rescue Professionals is the organisation setting new benchmarks of safety and emergency response services across the Australian workforce since 2010.

Our 2 points of difference are the proactive platforms and framework we have developed for each discipline; and the mapping documents we provide for all training and services delivered by us to prove compliance, addressing the legislated aspect of organisational emergency response.

With every rescue company claiming they are industry leaders, we prefer to let our actions, results and operational experience set us apart from the rest. We only know and focus on the high quality services and training that your Rescue teams and organisation will use.

Our team consists of professional Emergency Response Coordinators, QFES Specialist operators, Stunt Coordinators and Stuntmen and who manage and control high-risk working environments for a living; If we get it wrong there can be immediate and disastrous consequences for ourselves, and those whose lives we have been entrusted with.

Our brains have been hardwired in such a way that anything but the highest level of risk management is unacceptable. We have identified the urgent need for a quality services and training provider in a sector that has gone without for far too long…

If you have ever been involved in a bad, high-level emergency, then you will instinctively know that the necessity of having exceptional systems, training, and support in place is a must.

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