We provide the complete
Covid-19 workforce solution

Do you want to keep your site open and producing/stockpiling for as long as possible during this Covid 19 crisis?Is your site and its medical / rescue capability truly prepared and experienced to deal with this outbreak efficiently?

ASRG provides the complete Covid-19 management platform, ensuring your site is on the front foot and proactive whilst dealing with this epidemic. Our clients have asked us to create a Covid-19 management plan, allowing them to keep stockpiling product for as long as possible, In conjunction With QLD Health, ASRG Paramedics, ESOs and emergency care doctors, that’s exactly what we’ve done, and we can do the same for you…

Your organization’s actions now, will dictate how effectively this pandemic is managed over the next 6-12 months. Let the professionals give you the best chance possible of getting through this pandemic.

We can provide your organisation with the following…

  • Systematic and proactive approach to managing the Covid -19 virus across your site.
  • Workforce screening using experienced APHRA licensed Paramedics (Prior experience with the Ebola outbreak).
  • Emergency Services Officers (ESO’s) that can provide temporary coverage and workforce education (Updated toolbox talks for your workforce).
  • Development of site Covid-19 Trigger Action Response Plans (TARPS) and SOP’s for the SHMS.
  • Management and evacuation of personnel who have either contracted or are suspected carriers of the virus.
  • We have an extensive pool of ESO’s and Paramedics who can mobilise and be onsite within hours
  • Security teams to ensure security of your operations if site shutdown is imminent.


Our management system is a living platform that will evolve with up to date information released from WHO and the Australian Government.

Engage us now to ensure your organisation is prepared to deal with the ongoing crisis and prolong your sites operation and productivity…

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