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The Fatal 4-What are you doing about them?

What are you doing about them?

  • Falls – 13 fatalities
  • Collisions – 4 Fatalities
  • Uncontrolled Pressure Release – 2 Fatalities
  • Entanglement – 2 Fatalities*

Australian Rescue Professionals offer the most thorough site-specific rescue training and site preparedness services available. We not only ensure your rescue teams are qualified and highly competent to deal with a worst case scenario event, but we also review your existing procedures to ensure your PHMP is current and reflects your sites risk profile, with emphasis and focus on the above Fatal 4…

This is true compliance with focus on continual improvement mechanisms…

Our core existence is to remove the headache out of emergency response by providing your organisation with viable and cost efficient solutions.

We provide mapping and compliance documents for all training that we deliver onsite, further relieving the headache of your legislated ER requirements…

Contact Jimmy Christiansen for further information on how LTP can provide cost effective solutions to your emergency response problems…

(Source- QMI Annual Performance Report 2015-16 / *2015-16 FY)

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