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Australian Rescue Professionals Services

The services we provide are all specific to the client’s requirements. We map our operational services to the relevant legislation, the client’s own emergency management system, ensuring compliance, competence and peace of mind for our clients.

All services we provide are facilitated by operators / trainers who are at the top of their profession. We provide the highest level of service with a passion for emergency response, a world we know intimately…

Emergency Services Operators (ESOs)

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Australian Rescue Professionals have developed a proactive ESO model, which ensures protection, competence and compliance with relevant legislation.

We have handpicked proactive and professional Emergency Response Coordinators, Fire and Rescue Personnel, Paramedics and Mines Rescue operators who control and manage high-risk working environments for a living.ARP ESOs are all leaders in their respective fields.

If we get it wrong there can be immediate and disastrous consequences for ourselves, and those whose lives we have been entrusted with.

Medical Platform / Paramedic Provision

We offer the complete medical platform,  providing  experienced APHRA licensed Paramedics and nurses, complete with the ability to carry and administer scheduled drugs during emergency situations.

Under a structured system, inclusive of a scheduled drugs license from QLD Health, we will ensure your site is medically prepared for the flu season and the worst case scenario event, and everything in between.   Our paramedics will conduct drug and alcohol screening, toolbox talks, return to work plans and first medical response for your organisation .

Our medical platform and scheduled drugs license is managed by  QLDs premier emergency care doctors.

Emergency Response Audits

We provide the most comprehensive Level 1 and 2 auditing service available. We can provide different levels of shock value for your workforce, further adding to the accuracy of desired outcome . We will set up and stage a workplace incident in a safe, risk managed environment, for your unsuspecting workforce, then audit the response against your own procedures.

We will provide you with a comprehensive audit report, mapped against your own organisations expectations, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and a plan for rectification of any systematic weak points (if any).

We will also provide a continual improvement plan moving forward.

Standby Rescue Teams

For High-Risk Work And Shutdowns

We provide standby teams for all shutdown and high-risk activity. We provide ESO professionals on short notice, who can plan with the client, set up, watch over and ensure the safest working practices are maintained throughout the job.

Our standby rescue bread and butter, is providing teams for confined space work on live, operational Gas Plants (GPFs), an environment that carries the highest of risk in an operational sense.

ERT Coordination

We have extensive experience coordinating the emergency response capability of multiple sites with different risk profiles. Our previous performance delivering these services, and proactive methods of operation are well known and endorsed by the Government Departments Workplace Health and Safety QLD and the Department of mines and energy.

Emergency Vehicles And Fire Appliances

We have extensive experience and knowledge sourcing, designing and delivering site compliant emergency vehicles.  We have provided numerous vehicles for clients on lease or purchasing agreements.

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